Things are about to change…

Hello, everyone!!

Today I want to shake up the things a bit more. If you don’t know I am doing a weekly challenge to try and get a writing habit (which by the way I am failing miserably) but the university is getting in the way and I need to define my priorities. Let’s forget the excuses and focus on what I want to tell you!

In the beginning, I spotted this challenge on another blog, did some research and found out another blogger who was doing it as well. They both let you choose what theme you want to do every week but they also provided you with a pre-done list you can follow (for more information go to my first week). I have been following… ish… both of the lists, being doing some mash up and go further a couple of weeks and them going back… the all point of this is because I am not enjoying doing it as much as I thought I would do. I am not going to lie I thought about stopping doing it sometimes but then what is the point of doing challenges if you don’t stick to it??! The only way I found to keep me doing this weekly challenge is to start to make it my own!

Those peoples are not me and they might find interesting to talk about some topics and I don’t is normal, so instead of me following some pre-made list to go throw every week is time for me to save same of the ideas and came up with new ones so I can enjoy doing this challenge. I obviously I will keep in mind to write some of them with pretty weird and random stuff about myself. Who doesn’t want to know a weirdo like me right?!… Right?!… No one??… Never mind is fine.

Going back to a more serious note (but not too serious). I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want this blog to be and need to constantly say to myself this is my world and I love to have people reading it but also I should be the one who is enjoying it the most. All purpose I started this blog was to get out of my life and have a small space where no one can tell me what to do and how to do it. Don’t get me wrong I am a happy person but I feel the responsibility to fulfil the expectation of other people, especially my family and is hard to say no and go against the current. So here no one can touch me and say you doing it wrong or you should do that (mostly because no one knows… shhh… this needs to be a secret…). I want to learn by myself and is time to, also I am too shy and I know that I have some friends who would support me and let me have this without interfering but when I want to tell them I think about them reading this and starting to think things about me that I don’t want to… I am always thinking about what other people think about me!!! Is so annoying!! But in a positive side, it allows me to be more truthful and give more about myself in a deeply way.

I know I have been rambling around ALOT but is just to say I will be doing some changes around the blog like templates, colors, photos, new blog post contents but it will be more me, more the person you should know I am and a mostly a funny crazy girl who likes the must randomly things. Also, I will keep up with the 52 weeks Challenge, as always at 4 p.m. BST every Tuesday, and because is summer I have more free time which could mean more challenges (but maybe smaller ones!).

Luv you lots!!


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