Week 7: I blush when…

V – I have people staring at me: either because I am running late for a class and when I walk through the door everyone turn their head towards me or because I walk in a public transport already full with people, makes me nervous and uncomfortable. This is the main reason I stopped look at the door every time it makes a noise. Don’t do to others if you don’t like when they do to you. I usually don’t like to be the centre of the attention we  never know when something can go wrong and them everyone saw and will remember it, which makes me to my next point…

IV – I fail: I hate failing and be wrong so I try to avoid that by saying and repeat as many as I need when I am not sure about the information/fact I am going to say. When I don’t know I simply say “I don’t know” this way I don’t make a fool out of myself if I am wrong and I also don’t mistake the other person.

III – Someone say “you’re blushing”: Probably when someone say this to me they are just joking but when done in the right time it can affect me.

II- I don’t have enough money to pay the bill: This had happened twice already especially when I am at a grocery store buying some food and when it came to paying I realise I don’t have enough money with me. Is the most stressful and nerve-racking situation, I can’t even describe the embracement I feel in the moment.

I – It comes to my feelings: I believe that I am the most transparent person ever and you can tell by my face if I am enjoying and because of that I live in a world of constant fear about the other person finding out my deep feelings. For me the eyes can speak for them selfs and when someone reach the point of talking about the heart my eyes go mental!! I am always looking around, avoiding eye contact at all cost and I immediately start to blush.

Featured Image by Snowfall-lullaby on Deviantart

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