Week 6: If I could have a Super Power…

V – Invisibility: This is the must cliché wish, we all have from time to time situations where we would love to be invisible to hide our shame (monkey with hands on eyes emoji feeling).

IV – Flexibility: If I had this power I would be yoga teacher for sure!! Also, if it allows me to stretch my body like Elastic Woman from The Incredibles I would never need to get up to grab the tv remote.

III – Mind Reading: Sometimes I want so bad to know what the other person is thinking and can have the courage to tell me face to face and be able to read minds you can spot lies and fake friends at large.

II – Time Freeze: You know does days you run around like a nutter and don’t even have time to breathe?? Only if I could stop time for one minute to sit down, close my eyes and relax without losing any time, especially when is exams week, be able to have more time to study because you are doing everything in the last minute.

I – Nature Manipulation/Naturakinesis: Since I was a kid this was my must wanted superpower. I love nature and everything is related to it so be able to talk with plants, animals and control the weather would make me so happy. My garden would be the must beautiful in the world.

Now is your time!! Which superpowers you would like to have?? Do you have any??

Featured Image by Zaratops on Deviantart

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