Week 5: Things I Spend my Money on

For this week, I’ll take you to know what makes me lose my mind and apologise to my wallet. I am not going to give a big speech about you should save money and bla bla bla… each one of us should be responsible for their own money and how to managed it. For some people, the following things I am going to say may seem like a waste of money and for other may be just a part of what they also like and want to spend money on.


Everyone spend the money on food, you need to eat right?! In the past year, I tried to change my food regime a little bit to a more healthy way. You only have one life to enjoy so you need to take care of it. Despite buying more fruit and veggies I also look to the labels before buy (which you should do) to know what I am eating and I am finding alternatives to some kind of foods. To be clear I am not Vegan or Vegetarian! I eat fish, meat, and animal derivates, the only things I am trying to avoid are lactose and gluten which are really difficult to find products with gluten-free (especially in Coimbra). I ended up spend more money than before so I stopped worry about saving money but instead buy something good for my body.

Stationary and supplies

I love to craft and go shopping for future projects is almost like a hobby to me. When I need to buy material and supplies I just buy I don’t care about the price because I need them. I try to save money before I decide what to buy, I try to find ways to use cheap supplies while I am planning the project. For example instead of buy something already made like boxes I rather do it myself and if I can use cardboard or paper from another source like a cereal box I prefer it over buy it. This is good for the planet and for the wallet but now I have boxes full of cardboard, plastic jars, toilet paper rolls, eggs crates to save and use in the future. Also, I can’t resist when I go to the stationary section in the shops. I love notebooks they are so handy and to stay organised which one has a function and is for one purpose only so notepads are never enough for me.


I am currently trying to be a book worm and despite having some book around the house I end up buying new ones realise in the past two years or so and the classics that everyone should read. In Portugal people are caring less about reading because is too expensive for the majority of the people or because they rather spend the money on other stuff, what I started doing was to buy books in secondhand. If you are careful to see if the book is in conditions and at a reasonable price is ok and with one point in your favour, you know how hard it is when you do the first wrinkle in the side of the book, well in a secondhand books you don’t have that problem because someone already did it so the book is fully practical to open and you lose the afraid of wrinkling it.

Keep in mind that I only spend more money than usual in this things because I can. I am not rich but I am able to buy all this stuff without running out of money. If I barely had money to put food on the table I surely wouldn’t be spending the money this way.

Now is your turn. What makes you loose your mind when shopping??


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