Week 4: My favourite body part

V – Hands: Despite I care less about my nails everyday simple because I use my hands to do everything so they towards to be more fragile and there is no nail polish that last longer, they are my babies. Also, when they are cold you can see all my veins (it really looks like I am dead :p) this is probably the only thing I don’t like about them.

IV – Cheeks: OMG I love my cheeks so much, they are so cute and I also have some freckles which are adorable. They only fail me when I am trying to hide something they get so red that I could become a traffic light you can see them from miles away.

III – Neck: I don’t know why might be is the proportion between the height and the relation with my head and shoulders size that make me like so much to look at my neck.

II – Eyes: Before I say anything more I have to clarify this point: my eye colour is GREY. For you who doesn’t know me this may be strange but since I was a little girl every single person that got to know me always said “look at you so pretty with those blue eyes” and for a long time I believed it. Only later I started to realise that when I looked at the mirror my eyes weren’t blue but grey. Since then it bothers me a bit (or maybe a lot) when someone say I have blue eyes. In spite of the colour, I also like my eye shape and my lashes have a perfect size.

I – Hair: I don’t have a lot to say here, even when I’m having a bad hair day I still manage to pull it off enough to like it, but this baby is quite a rebel. My hair is in a light brown shade, which made some people do the unfortunate mistake to say is blonde *face palm*. Also is curly which can have naturally a summer style but when I want to straight it, first I need to make sure is not going to rain or is just spending time for nothing.


Those are my 5 favourite body parts. What are yours?? Do you have any “strange” love for a particular part of your body that no one gets it?


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