Week 3: Things to do with warm-weather

V – Go to the beach: feeling the sand on my feet, hearing the waves exploding makes me feel so stress-free and relaxed, so when the sun come out even if it still a bit cold, walking around the beach is one thing you should try it if you havenĀ“t done it already.

IV – Reading: recently I started to make myself read and I am still trying to create a routine where I spend a bit of my day dedicated to it. Unfortunately at the moment, I am unable to go outside sitting on a bench and read. Also, enjoying the birds sings while reading is the perfect concentration music ever!!

III – Coffee shop with friends (ice cream time!): because being outside is great, share those moments with friends is even better. You can go for a simple coffee or an ice cream the important is to take some time and chill out in a sidewalk cafe while having a good chin wag.

II – Craft: one of my greatest passions that I do all year long even when the weather is getting better. And there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than craft outside. Be able to absorb vitamin D and craft at the same time is amazing but there is only one thing that can ruin the wind. I am from a seafront city so is quite windy over all year which can be nerve racking depending on what craft you are doing.

I – Play games outside/Do sport: Last week was such a beautiful blue sky day and quite warm for this time of the year, that gave me a huge desire to go for a swim (I am missing swim so much!!) and we all know that this is the time when people start to practice sport or running to get the body fit for the summer all because it feels amazing to be outside and everyone is happier.


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