In Review: French Gardener

More than two weeks later I remember I still haven’t celebrated here in the blog the arrival of spring. For that reason, I decided to talk about one book that I think is perfect to read while the flowers start to blossom and the sun decides to give some kisses between the clouds.

I read this book almost a year ago and now that spring started I have a huge desire to read it again. The book is a love story with the enough amount of drama and keeps you want more every chapter.

UK Edition source


When a London couple (Miranda and David) decides to step away from the city rush and buys a magnificent country house known for is well-preserved gardens, Miranda discovers a deep secret hide between those walls (and flowers). David who keeps his job back in the city is never home and Miranda never was a housewife and is going to need help now that is away from her perfect life. One day a Frenchman appears to be interested in helping take care of the gardens who ends up to help unveil all the secret story of the previous owners.



The way Santa Montefiore tells the past story behinds those walls is delicious, it can keep you read it for hours straight. Also, I am a lover of country sides and gardening and when she describes all those beautiful flowers and landscapes almost make me fell the wind touching my hair. As you probably can tell I really loved this book and for the first time in my life I know what it feels want to read it again. So go outside sit on a bench or in your own backyard next to some beautiful flowers and enjoy the story.

Have you ever read this book?? If so, what is your opinion about it?? Did you like it?? Or did you read another from the author?? Fell free to comment! 🙂


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