Week 2: I have never…

V – Broke a bone: recently I’ve seen that is actually hard to broke a bone. In my two decades of existence I’ve fallen down so many times and some of them quite spectacular and still no broken bone. I definitely don’t want to break any, but is just that can be hard to do it and if you already broke any probably ou were asking for it :p

IV -Travelled alone: I don’t wish to travel all by myself, but I’ve been waiting for someone to go along with me on a journey and is hard to find. Sometimes I wish I had the guts to go. Obviously, share all the experiences with another person is better.

III – Tried winter sports: snowboard, skiing or ice skating are some of the exemples . I have been in the snow hundreds of times but I always just end up do snow balls fights, slide downhill, just playing around. Two of my wishes is to try (and nailed it) snowboarding and ice skating.

II – Saw snowing: You can think how is possible someone see snow, play in the snow but never watched snow falling from the sky?! Well. meet me! The odds are astronomical, especially when I was about 10 years old and snowed in my hometown (which is almost impossible to happen). Unfortunately when I woke up it was already stopped and the ground was with a thin coat of snow. Although I couldn’t saw a snowflake falling down was so beautiful!!

I – Watched Star Wars: don’t ask me why it just does not happen yet and I actually enjoy sci-fi movies. Even though I played a starships racing game from Star Wars it counts?!?



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