52 Weeks Blogging Challenge || Week 1:What Makes Me Happy

I saw his challenge floating around the blogosphere and is a great way for you to know me. It looks fun to do and this way every week I have some topic to talk about.

I am not going to follow any list from other bloggers, instead, I am going to do a mash-up. One is from a portuguese blogger I found (which probably where I will go get a lot of the topics) and other created by Sarah Emily Blogs and Girl Talk Blog.

Most of the topics will be a Top 5 list and other more chatting ones. You will get it as I’m doing it.

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For first week: What Makes Me Happy

V – Craft: I might not discovered all my passions yet, but craft is the only thing I can say is my favourite hobby and I don’t mind becoming a job. When I am crafting I know my creativity doesn’t have any limit and no one can tell me how I should do it. Is my home, my refuge

IV – Photography: For me is not a hobby yet but because I get to happy and inspired by others amazing photos I want to archive some of that feeling with myself.

III – Friends: I love my alone time but when I am with my buddies, I never want the time to pass. Besides, all the fun and joy I know that if I need something they will be there for me and advise me as well as they can.

II – Cooking: I am currently leaving alone so I have to cook all my meals (or go easy with a takeaway – only sometimes :p) and I can say for sure cooking is a passion. I don’t mind to spend all day in a kitchen cooking even if the final result is not great.

I – Dreams: Fell realized is the best thing ever and accomplish your dreams is the ultimate happiness. Quipping your goals reachable also helps. Even the ones you know are not real keeping faith and hope in a different world makes me happy.

Featured Image source: http://www.sarahemilyblogs.com/search/label/52%20weeks



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