Be Confident – Part II

As I told you two weeks ago… (shame on me…) this post is going to be about how hair can affect the image you have of yourself and can help you to be more confident. If you remember (if not go check it here) I talked through the changes you can do in your wardrobe which can make you feel happy.

As well as the clothes needs to match your body so does the hair needs to match your face. I am no expert to tell you short hair fits more around shape faces (don’t take this serious I am just rambling) but I started doing a little trick. Instead of just looking to the hair I started to notice the face of the models. I don’t know exactly what tip of shape I am, although I was looking for common features (not a twin) like chicks, chin, eyebrows, you can tell if some random people have similarities with you, right?!

Your hair is the only accessory that you can’t change. You can model it in a variety of shapes and cuts but is natural way it won’t change. So is better to you to learn the defaults of your hair. What do you do that make it in a wired shape? Does your hair usually is a mess in the morning? (try to grab it in a super high messy bun over night)
Ask this questions and many more. Learn everything your hair have to teach you. Learn how it reacts to differents situations (especially rainy days). This way you will know what to avoid and what acts in your favor. All this process will take time but the rewards are great. When you know what not to do you will start to loving it and stop judging it.

All the girls have the same problem. Girls with curly hair wish have it straight and girls with straight hair wish have it curly. Well, you can’t change your genes better like them. Usually, I felt this when I compared it with others and ended up wishing hairstyles I can’t keep for much long.

This takes me to another point I want to highlight: stop comparing yourself with others! You will only feel sad and mad about yourself and your body image. I am talking about body shape, weight, hair and even personal life. If one thing I learnt was not to wish others person life you don’t know everything they have been through or are being into right now. Especially in social media where is not what it looks like but this is a topic for another post.

Let me back on tracks and tell you my story and adventures with my hair. When I was a little girl around 9 years old my mother toke me to her hairdresser (like so many other times) but that day was going to be a life change. I don’t know why this happen on that day wasn’t the first time my hair was being cut against my will. She started to cut my hair and did it over my shoulders. My hair is curly and when is dry, it goes up around 3 fingers, which for me was too much. I spend the next day so sad I just wanted to cry for my hair back. That was the moment I told my mother from that day on I was going to decide how to cut my hair and (must important) how short it was going to be. Since then I have let my hair grow as much as I wanted to.

Last year I was pretty much satisfied with my hair length so was time to do a little change. I needed to go back an do a radical cut: above the shoulders. For my 20 birthday, I went to the same hairdresser that cut my hair when I was little and let her chop it off. Because was my will I didn’t mind and after 6 months, I still don’t regret it. Obviously, I miss my long hair so much I was growing it for 3 years and now I can’t do a simple messy bun (which I love).

What I must enjoyed was the sensation I got after. I felt so happy, so satisfied and so confident I even talked to a stranger on the train (to the university, I had a class that day). You might think I am crazy but my friends know I am quite shy and talk with someone I don’t know without any reason is almost impossible. That day I couldn’t stop smiling. At some point, my face should be hurting and I surely add more wrinkles.

I am not here to say you need to cut your hair to be more confident but with my story, I want to let you realize that a simple change in your image have the power to make you feel better to make love yourself. If you love the person you see in the mirror the others will notice it and love as well. Also, you will be happier which means,



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