Mini Haul: Primark & New Phone

Two weeks ago I was on a quest to buy a new phone. My older one was in a really bad shape and was time to invest in something new. Obviously, I had to stop at Primark for a quick look and checking out the new arrivals. This time, I didn’t go crazy shopping because my goal was other so I just pick up a couple of things I was needing.


When I first saw this handbag I immediately felt in love. Recently stripes have conquered my heart so everything with that pattern I want. Also, it’s quite a handy wen you are not carrying a lot of stuff. I only have my house keys, my wallet and my phone and it still have plenty of room for hand cream, a small notebook, sunglasses…


Primark usually has pretty belts at an affordable price and, this time was no exception! Love the detail of the “metal links”, although it stuck a bit when getting on around the waist.



(heavy breath) My sweet, little baby! I am what you can call a geek. I love technology and to be updated with the last news. Also, when I go out to buy a new gadget I know what specifications it has to have. And believe me, when I say I am not an easy girl to please! One of the requisites I wanted was a good camera. The new Sony Xperia Z5 has a 23Mp at the back camera wich is more than some digital cameras in the market, once I got my hands on, all the excitement was gone. When comparing to others it doesn’t seem much better, although the tons of features you can use to get the perfect shot. When comparing to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the Xperia was just a kid. The back camera with nearly half of the Megapixels does a similar job with more vibrant colors which hypnotize you. So I ended up buying the Samsung S6 (because is cheaper) in Gold with 64Gb for storage.

FYI, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge does not have a memory card slot so if you are like me and need a lot of space for apps and stuff consider spend a little more to guarantee you don’t have to delete apps for space.


Now I am on a quest to find a phone case, do you know any online shop where I can buy one? Do you like technology as well? 


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