Be confident – Part I

I don’t even know how to start this post. This has been in my head for a long time and is such a complex problem that I probably go to miss saying something I want to talk about. For that reason is going to be a 3 or 4 part blog post (or I can write it all down once and you can read it in 2 hours and 43 minutes… just kidding!!)
The major reason I am writing this is to advice those people who don’t believe in themselves and think the other are better, prettier or even smarter because I once though all this about myself and it was making me fell sad. To fix the problem I thought about make-up but the catch was I felt like a clown. Quickly realise that cover my face up with foundation and powder, train using the eyeliner, searching how to do’s videos… wasn’t for me. So if I don’t like my face what do I do?! Make-up wasn’t my way out. I started thinking about what I could change… Then it heats me: my hair and the way I dress up. It has been the best I could do.

Starting with: changing the dress code

At first was a bit tough. I didn’t know what to wear! You have casual, chic, classic, 90´s, comfy, sportive… they are so many styles and is supposed to you choose one. Also is going to be a way to introduce yourself so it should match your personality.
Changing the dress code is not from day to night, you test it and fail, test it again and get it right or you might try three completely different styles and like them all. It takes time, but it might be what you need.
For example, I hated shirts and I remember saying I would never wear them. Guess what?! Now I love them and I want to have in every color possible, in all shapes, with pockets or without, sleeveless or not, with bows… The funniest is, it all started on Halloween, I looked at my wardrobe and thought “Today is not a normal day so I can try something different, no one is going to look at it or commenting”. I grab it, put it on and went outside. Now is my addiction.

What I want to say is, you should try it! Is like with food, how do you know you like if you never try it?! Obviously, there is going to be always something you look and say: no change I am going to try that! At the end of the day all it matters is you should fell good about yourself. That shirt was what I needed to make me change and fell better about myself, it gave me confident.


Next week I will talk about my hair changes and a couple of other small but powerful things that give me that boost of self-esteem.



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