I can’t bake!

Baking is one of the things I enjoy doing in the kitchen and is also a love/hate relationship. Over the past few years, I thought I was that person who can’t bake. You try innumerous times… bake small cakes… bake easy cakes and all of them turned out wrong. And because I am a perfectionist I am the most critic person on the planet! For me in never good enough and I see it a lot when I am cooking rather a dessert or a meal is never good… wich makes me keep trying and trying.

It’s crazy thinking that is a thing that not everyone can do… and I was, in fact, crazy! The fault is in the oven! People always say: know your oven, keep one eye on the cake and bla bla bla… stuff like that. After all, we have different ovens and they might not be alike. Despite the efort no matter what I did it always turn out burnt or undercooked (for being less than should be, because I was afraid of burning it…). If there is a way to bake in my oven I didn’t found it yet.

Usually, it burns the bottom befor cook the midle. Which makes me decide betwen have a nice cake but raw in the center or a cooked cake but you have to cut out the burned outside. Is worse than chicken or the egg dilemma!! Already tried to get the heat as low as I could and in the top shell of the oven still burn without cook the middle. About, this time, I had a confirmation my oven is baking proof (if that even is possible)…

Although I managed to sucessed in one recipe. The cake wasn’t perfect, the middle was a bit undercooked but it tasted divine. I am talking about the Hummingbird cake. Is a simple cake you can do to impress your friends. If you never heard about it is a banana, pineapple and nuts sponge with a cream cheese frosting. For some people migh sound weird but I challenge you to give it a try you won’t regreat!

I am not going to write the recipe down here so go check out Jamie Oliver website.


Do you have any crazy storie with your oven? Have you ever got the same problem as me? If so, did you find out a way to make it work? Or yet what is your favourite cake? I would love to try other recipes 😉


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