Get to Know Me

Hello, everyone!

Today I decided it was time to talk about my personal life and let you know me better. This is going to be about my taste, what I like, what I love doing and a lot more.

Birth & Family

I was born on October 18th of 1995 in a town called Figueira da Foz (Fig tree of Mouth – literally translation) in Coimbra, Portugal. If you don’t want to do the math, I am 20 years old. I have no siblings and two cousins, one is 5 years older than me and the other is 5 years younger. Both my parents have one sister each, my dad’s sister is living in Madrid, Spain, so is my younger cousin and I only could know him when he was 3 years old. I and my older cousin live in the same town so we spend some time together when we whore young, so is more like a big brother to me. When I was a little child I used to be at my grandparent’s house all the time and I think my best memories as a child is with them. Don’t get me wrong I love my parents but as a child with my parents working is normal have more stories and memories with my grandparents, they were the ones who take care of me when my parents were away.


My first pet was a dog when I was 5 years old and we call him Boris I don’t even know why. He passed away 3 months ago and lived 15 years wich is a lot for a dog! Both of my parents had dogs when were kids so wasn’t a big struggle when I ask for a dog. After, I had 2 hamsters, a female, and a male. Around the same time, my parents adopt another dog, this time, a Pinscher, we named him Rubi. When both of my hamsters died I bought a guinea pig, he was so cute is similar to a hamster but I think is more intelligent so you can play with him in a different way you do with a hamster. In the meantime, I also had fishes and turtles but I never felt like they were pets you mostly just feed them and don’t play with them.


There is two think I still love doing year after year: craft and cooking. My lucky is that I have to cook every day so I practice a lot and with the craft you can do everything you can imagine. That is the beauty! Look at something and find a way to do it myself and is also cheaper. At this time, I am trying to add photography to the list too.

Books, Tv Shows & Celebrities

I am obsessed with one Tv show: The 100 from The CW is AMAZING!! But in the meantime I have some that I enjoy and don’t miss an episode: Castle, How to Get Away with Murder, Forever – if I find out who canceled this show is going to rain blood(from ABC), 2 Broke Girls and The Big Bang Theory (from CBS). There are others that I started to watch but never finished. My favorite is Castle and obviously, I am doing the book collection. Despite not being a piece of literature is fine and is Richard Castle!! Another hobby I am trying to get is reading so I don’t have a big role of books, but my favorite so far is French Gardener by Santa Montefiore. When talking about famous people, there are some actors who I enjoy watch all movies they star: Jason Statham, Robert Downey Jr, Nathan Fillion. They are my top 3 and I don’t think I like any woman. Also, because I love cooking I have two chefs how I look for recipes and inspiration: Jamie Oliver and a Portuguese chef Henrique Sá Pessoa (he was the first cooking tv show I ever watched and fall in love with).

What are your favorite shows?? Do you have any pets when a child?? What are your hobbies?? Also fell free to leave a comment! 🙂


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