New Year Resolution & Procrastination

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year!!

You’re right… I am the worst blogger EVER!!! Is 20th of January 2016 and this is my first post of the year! But if you go check my last post it as been 26 days!! Almost a month without saying a word. I will give you all the excuses in the book (FYI, this is top level procrastination) so be prepared.

Frist one: University

If you currently are (or have been) in a university you know the struggle when it comes to organizing and keep doing your hobbies, sometimes is a choice between work and pleasure (obviously, work wins). Especially when you have as your main subject handwork.

Second one: Family time

Take some days off to stay home and enjoy quality family time is great during holidays, but that means no work done.

Third one: no one knows!

This is true and also an excuse. No one in my family or friends knows that I have a blog. So is hard, especially on weekends, when I could find some time to write and I don’t take advantage on them because I can’t say “sorry I need to write a new post, maybe later”.

Fourth one: Cleaning

This one is a classic! “I really want to write something really interesting and with a good contest for my blog but… I have a house to take care and right now  it needs to be clean and organised” You never ever remember to do it during the entire year, only when you have other things to do. Procrastination thank for clean up home all around the globe.

Fifth one: Perfection.

This is the last stage of procrastination, the perfection. You want to write but you want it to be its best. Don’t  know why, because all year you publish some crappy post that looking back you think “what the f…?! Why would I say that”, but right now you want it to be your very best like if was going to change your life forever… PEANUTS!! Just another excuse to not be writing. Also, this one came with the fear of click on publish button. “You might though that was over! Oh, no baby… it’s coming again…”

NOTE TO SEFT: Never stop writing more than a week you will become afraid of the publish button again!

In the top of all this excuses is my most important New Year Resolution: blogging more! MASSIVE FAIL HERE!! This is a bad way to start 2016, but it’s not going to be what defines it. I am not going to do promises as well I am not doing a resolution list and fail miserably is better to take a day at a time and make the most of it. Right know all I can think of is to get better writing, get better talking, get better listening and reading, get better in English (is not my mother language) and how I am going to do that?! Just blogging.




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