Building up a Christmassy Table

Hello, everyone!

Usually around this time, I start to build up the Christmas dinner table, when we spend it my place. My family have what I think I can call a tradition which we only spend Christmas in my house which two years, the other time are done in my aunt house. We get the family all together around the table and because myself and my father love this season we want to decorate all the house and also the table better each year.

Once I remember, my father gave me a roof tile (it was quite long) so I can decorate to be the table centerpiece. It turned out pretty but was difficult to support the candle (which was in the middle) because of the bend.

There is only one thing I do every year are two square red plates with a golden candle and some small pinecones (they are fake but really lovely). Ever since I do them it remains so many materials that I would be able to do the triple times more. So I thought about do a terrarium (not a live one) for the dining table and when the Christmas is over I can change it for a zen garden maybe or just a cactus one. Either way, I have tonnes of possibilities and is not too expensive.

I leave here some photos of my dinner table. Hope you guys like it. Feel free to comment 🙂


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