Chocolate Gift Guide

Hello, everybody!

I have been watching a lot of gift guides and I thought about writing one as well. I don’t know if this happens to you, but I usually receive for Christmas a lot of chocolate, is like “I have no clue what to give so… hey look chocolate!” Is not that I mind contrariwise! Just for your information, I am what is called a chocoholic, so is amazing talking about chocolate.

The following contest have explicit nudity and lots of chocolate food porn! You have been advised!

This post was going to be just to let you know my favourite brands, but then I remember this can be a great motto to do a gift guide. I love to receive chocolate so other chocoholics might well love.

First of the list: Ferrero!

This is the Christmas chocolate brand. They only produce once a year and make this season a lot more special. They sell 3 main variety of chocolate: Roche, Mon Cherri and Raffaello (at least in Portugal, I know that Mon Cherri is not sold  in the UK, so I am sorry if you might not know some chocolates)

When I talk about Ferrero, everyone said that love the Roche variety. Have a hazelnut heart covered with creamy chocolate, closed in a thin layer of waffle and is finished with crispy chocolate with chopped hazelnut. If you or the person you will give to, loves Nutella they will like this sugarplum.

Mon Cheri


This is my favourite of the Ferrero range. I haven’t found yet  someone who likes this one as much as me. I made with a cherry and liquor heart and a dark chocolate shell. When I say I love it means I can eat like 7 in a row (I think this was my record so far, then I feel bad and try to not be greedy so I stop eating)



I have never eat one of this, but when I talk about Ferrero for me doesn’t make sense is not talking about it, after all, this is a gift guide. They are covered with a zest of coconut and I dislike the coconut flavour. I think they aren’t the must loved of all range, might be they are left behind, but if you like coconut you might like it.


Belgian chocolate is DELICIOUS!! And Guylian is the biggest guilty pleasure of all time. They are sold all year and their brand image is the seashells. They have a hazelnut flavoured chocolate covored with a mix between dark, milk and white chocolate (I think…). You must try it! Is so amazing I can’t describe it better than this, is like the PERFECT sugarplum. The only unless is the price, but if you want high quality you have to pay for it.



The purple cow has arrived at the house! Just kidding… purple or not that cow can sell chocolate. Despite all the brand-mixing types of chocolate They have recently done (not too recently…) my favourite is the original. A square can get you in the clouds in two seconds. By the way is milk chocolate for the one’s who don’t know you have no idea what you are missing!



I am not a regular eater of this boys, but once I receive it as a gift and they are quite good. I think they can be a little be pricier when compared with others. Don’t get me wrong, they can be a good gift, but I personally would prefer to spend the same amount of money or a little more to buy Guylian (this is my taste talking). This post is being less positive for Lindt so note for self: never talk about Lindt and Guylian together.

Hope you’re slavering right now, that means I got this post right also you are a chocoholic like me! Welcome to the club! 🙂


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