Snowman Candle Holder

Hello everyone! Happy Monday!

Second week is almost done and so it will be the craft posts. I’ll show you one more for tomorrow and them they are going to change a bit. We are getting close to Christmas and I think this is the best time to start planning some sweet and cakes for the x-mas eve. Now that you know what is going to be the next days, let’s get to work!


I am in love with this craft. I want so much to do it, but I haven’t found the right jar to do it yet. Madigan Made is the one who had the brilliant idea of this snowman. Go read it to know how to do it and she also says that got inspired by two others craft bloggers: Amanda and CraftGossip. You can also go check them out and decide which you would like to do.

Also I want to let a tip for the texture of the snow, you can do it the same way as the Snowman Baubles that I post here in the first week of December. Although the other day I found fake snow, which work out better, but I understand it might be difficult to buy (at lest for me is, I don’t do online shopping so I have to count with “physical” stores).

I am going to leave you getting in your craft mode.┬áRemember, always enjoy! ­čÖé



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