Small Gift Boxes

Hello everybody!

Today I will show you one of my favourite things to do on Christmas. I am actually so excited for this post and this year I found amazing ideas!

Gift boxes are easy, cheap and so fun! My favourite thing to do with is to give like a small piece of jewellery and put in a small boxe, them inside of another boxe and another and another… so the person is receiving it have no clue what it is. Also is so fun see their faces when they are searching for it for ages! And even if you’re not looking to craft them for give them away they are as well great decoration for your house. You can put them under the tree or at the dinner table (like a theme, some people use candles, others pine cones or a floral centrepiece, you can use small gift boxes).


This gift wrapping idea is from StudioDIY, they always have amazing crafts. If you don’t know them go check them out!

Well I would love to do a bigger post, but StudioDIY already have their own tutorial and is so easy that didn’t need more explanation. Hope you enjoy it and have fun doing it! I can even stop smiling just looking at them. This boys are going under my tree this year and this is a promise!


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