Tasting Candy Cane & More…

Hello guys!

Today I though about sharing with you my experience with candy cane. I had never tasted it, so is my first time trying and after all is Christmas time!

I was a little bit worried about the flavour, because there are somes sweets that have an especial and different taste (which I don’t like), only after I bought it I realise that could be a big mistake until I taste it… OMG! The red strips are DELICIOUS, they are really sweet, in fact to sweet, but when you taste the white ones (I don’t know what they are made of, so sorry for the basic names) they break the sweetness archiving a perfect harmony. They are so good that I can not wait to try it on some Christmas desserts!!

As you might notice for the past few days, I am super excited for Christmas this year (every post that I made I talk about it) probably you are getting really annoyed (sorry), but this is the first time in two years that I can enjoy a little more this season. I am concurrently at college and is very difficult to manage all the work together (you know what I am talking about if you are as well in college) and when the holidays came it means that is also coming the deadlines. I basically struggle every year. Want to enjoy this time of the year, the happiness, feel relaxed and them I remember I have to deliver a work before 18th of December (aaagh!). How am I suppose to see my house getting all christmassy and the presents growing up under the tree if I can’t afford to go back home every weekend? This was pissing me of, I wasn’t feel Christmas, was more like a simple festive day in a year instead of a month celebrating. Christmas wasn’t the same for me, but this year is different! My college is now closer to home and I can manage to go home ever week so far.

This post might not be great, I start talking about candy and ended up talking about how I love Christmas and how hard have been this past couple years. Also I apologize for my “english” is not my native language and is hard to find words to describe what I’m feeling and what I want to transmit, like my thought and ideas.

I want to say sorry for my blog posts might not be interesting, but I am going to improve more each day for this be me sharing my world with you and to give some advice and, mainly inspiring and brightening your day. Thank you so much for the support so far. I just have 6 followers, but they mean the world to me! Thank you!!

Love, Jo


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