Christmas Felt Wreath

Frist week of christmassy craft done and so it should be the house decoration. To do that, today we are going to set a mark on your doorspet with an handmade wreath.

When I was searching for this project  I came across with two types from the same crafter. One was cheap but more worked (with coloured papper), the other one was more simple but it turns out really hard to find the material (but thankfully I did it so it’s possible).



When I saw this two my idea was to mix them together, insted of an felt wreath with no colour, I thought to use the pallete from the frist one. I knew I would never find them all, but I neer it down for just 3 or 4 coloures: darke green, apple green, olive green and dark blue or some blue shade that would go great with green. Unfortunatlly the apple green was more like neon or something in between, really strong scraming shout “look at me!” One of the problem I always deal with when working with felt is the colour option, normally they are really vibrante and hard to combine with others.But it turns out realy great with the blue after all.

Although I manage to find out some nice color felt, for you whom might want to make one with papper or wasn’t fortunate as me abd be able to bought the felt, here is a trick to do the spotty papper. There are two possible ways:

  • Lay down the paper on some soft surface and then press it with a pencil or a pen to do high relief;
  • With a marker, grab a stik with the size of your spotes dipe it into a lighter color than on your papper and spred them all over the place (you need to let it dry before cuting it)

Whatever  way you choose is up to you and is another possibility, not doing it. once again is up to you. Remember the important is to have fun and enjoy all the creation progress. You will feel great if you acomplish your expectation. Have a nice crafty evening! 🙂


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