Xmas Baubles: Reindeer

How doesn’t like reindeers?! I love them and is the must christmacy animal ever. After all is the best budy of Santa and help him to deliver all the presents. Can it be better than that?!

You need:

  • Golden or transparent baubles
  • Pressed cardboard (1mm or 2mm thick)
  • Small foam ball
  • Acrilic paint (red and brown)
  • Brush
  • Craft knive (I find it easier to use on this project)
  • Hot glue

Let’s start should we?!

  1. Cut your foam ball in half and paint it in red. This will be the reindeer nose!
  2. Draw and cut the horns from the pressed cardboard. This is important: when drawing remember to leave some margin at the bottom so you can fold it and glue the surfice to the bauble. After cut both horn, paint them in brown.
  3. When everything is dry glue it and don’t forget to draw the eyes with a permanet marker. Enjoy!

P.S.: For more inspiration go to my Pinterest Album!


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