Opening Disney Advent Calendar!!

Yestarday was mental! I woke up late, my house was a complet mess, had to tidy up, that take me some time which I didn’t have. Also sudendly came out some new topics (which I will talk about it) and was for writting them yesterday (but I cloudn’t). Was crazy! But the good news is I bought an advent calendar!! (Yeaah)

I know I posted on Tuesday a tutorial about it, but today I thought, I need a treat until christmas. Basicly was a last minute decision, so I did not open my 1st window on the right day and yesterday I ended up open 2 windows. It looses some meaning but instead of eating the two chocolates (I thought about it) I decided to let the 2nd window chocolate for the 25th of December. It’s still Christmas! (is the 2nd, because I already eaten the first one :x)

Besides my crafty christmas daily posting I am going to show you everyday the design of the chocolate. Mostly should be disney caracteres, but I am actually curious which ones they picked up.

Is so cute I love him so much!

Day 1 – Mickey Mouse / Day 2 – Minnie / Day 3 – Donald Duck

By the way, the chocolate tastes amazing!


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