Christmas Baubles: Birds

Another day, another craft! For today let’s continue with baubles, but this time is going to be different. I thought about do this post with birds, snowmans and reindeers. Them I realise it was going to be really long, so I’ll be splitted in 3 different posts.

First as you might guess (is written in the heading) is birds. I found lovelly DIY birds from Lia and I have to give it my personal twist, so ended up with a new craft bauble.

You will need:

  • Ball-shaped Foam, size small (this is relative, is for bird’s body so choose one you are consfortable) – I want to make mine tiny;
  • White Felt
  • Felted Small Balls (white as well)
  • Colored Papper (Beige or Antique White)
  • Scissor
  • Bruch
  • Hot glue
  • Wood glue
  • Black sequins
  • Cotton

Now you are ready to start:

  1. Start by brushing the foam ball with wood glue and them spred the cotton all over it. To be completly dry it need almost 24 hours, but after half hour or an hour it should be dry to the touch and you can carry on working.
  2. Do the felted small balls, cut the winds and the bird’s tail from the white felt, cut as well a small a triangular pyramid for the nose.
  3. After all that glue it to the foam ball. At last don’t forget to glue as well the black sequin for the eyes and a little string so you can hang up and place it at your Christmas tree. Enjoy!


P.S.: This weekend I’ll post here my birds so you can see how it turn out. In the meantime go check out my Pinterest Album and get inspired!


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