Christmas Ornaments: Balls

Before you start assembling your Tree, keep up with this craft (and tomorrows one as well) to give a personal touch to it. For today I’ve brought you a simple, easy and slow craft. It will take at less 2 days to be ready to decorate your tree.

By Cry Baby Ink, inspired from Martha Stewart


Is so simple you only need:

  • Ballons
  • Yarn
  • Wood Glue (also known as white glue, pva glue, school glue…)
  • Scissor
  • Water

First, blow up your balloons to the size you want (I did with the same size as a normal ornament), then grad a bowl and mix together wood glue and water (you can use 50% of glue and 50% water or less, the idea is for the glue is easier to apply). Now you can do two ways: cover all the balloon with glue and then wrapped up with yarn or emerge the yarn in the glue and then wrapped around the balloon. After that roll the balloon in the glue or brush it, just to make sure, when dry, is going to be all glued together. Leave it dry for 24 hours. After that time it should be stiff and firm, just grab your scissor and cut the balloon, et voilá… DONE!

When I did this I tried with yarn and with a smaller string as well, from that experience I can say this craft works better with yarn, because it can absorb more glue so more easy. Another tip: careful with the amount of water in this case “less is more”. Also make sure your balloons don’t have any problem or they will start to shrink and ruin your work (this happen to me with 3 of my balloons, never mind the others who shrink before I start wrapping them).

Don’t forget to visit my Pinterest Album to get more inspired and use this tricks as well! Hope you enjoy! 🙂



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