Advent Christmas Calendar

Is now officially the 1st of December!!! Time to take all the old decorations out and embrace the Christmas spirit. There is no better way to make all the family feeling Santa’s coming with and Advent Calendar. Kids love them and adults too, they just don’t show it 😉

I found this idea from my favourite craft blog Lia Griffith, and though it was a nice instead of buy one do it myself. Give it a personal touch “here” and “there” and is guaranteed that nobody on the Earth have one exactly like yours.


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This is so inspiring and my mind was just jumping all over the place with simple and easy ideas to do and make it more like me. One of them was to use small envelopes which you suppose to open them and in the middle write down some activity, quote, song to listen or even nothing written at all, just serving their purpose: saving (maybe a chocolate… who knows). Of course I couldn’t let it just be blank and simple and glue is to modern, so I thought going back some ages to kings and queens era. I have always loved the way they usually sealed documents. Just with some red candle and a stamp (you can purchase one or make your own) there is no way more easy and really old school. Also love the idea of using an old frame to attach the strings, this way you can move it anywhere. If you decide to stick it into a wall is possible and really cute as well. After all is up to you to decide.

Go check out my Pinterest Album “24 Carfty Days” where you can find all this ideas and a lot more!! Enjoy 🙂 



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