Glitter, Glitter everywhere!

Christmas is coming so is all the DIY and tutotial to create an handmade decoration for this holiday. Between the red, green, white and gold, another material emerge for this season to spred color and love: glitter!
Despite being use anytime of the year and in any material (since clothes until random objects) now a days is a best friend.

Wait… what?! Is not a best even not a friend! (At least for me) Yep… I ate glitter (more like dislike). I understand is useful and pretty wen well applied, but it leaves a track and is really hard to get rid of them. So for that I prefer run way from them.

Since I am talking about Christmas, the christmas tree balls are one of the most common decor where is applied, you can imagem how is my struggle wen going to shopping every year. One of the thing I usually do is look at them and thing “glitter, so no”, turn arrond my back and keep shopping even if they are the prettiest balls in the whole store! I am going to stop talking about not loving glitter and leave here a collage with some examples to use it that I actually like and make it so hard to me look at the other side.


P.S: I am going to do daily posting until Christmas! Is going to be about craft for decoration, presents and (hopefully) successful baking cakes, cookies and other Christmas treats.


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