Mog the cat is back!!

Good morning!!

Another cold autumn day is starting, ready to work?? I’m not!! Anyway, let’s move on… Yesterday I find out a lovely, cute cat named Mog. If you are from UK you might know him, if your not (like me) let me tell you a story.

“Once upon a time, in a not so far away land, a cat named Mog was living happy ever after with Thomas family.┬áMog was friendly, playful, but also forgetful and very clumsy. She was always in trouble.”

(click on the image to buy it at

And so it begins a children story full of learning and adventure. The first book was published in 1970 and in 2002, Judith Kerr says goodbye after fifteen stories. Today Sainsbury’s (and help of the creator) bring back to life and to outside the paper to star Christmas advertising spreading love, kindness, sharing and charity to homes everywhere in the planet. Despite of the publicity behind, is an amazing story and prove that what makes Christmas such an amazing season is to share with others. Take a look:

Since we are talking about Christmas my wish for this year is for every single person spend their time with some one. You might not even have a tree or a bunch of decoration, but the simple fact you are split a bread in half and give one piece to somebody else you are creating the Christmas magic.

So after all this squishy talk, go check out the video if you haven’t done it yet and let yourself fall in love for this fluffy ball of fur and embrace this festive season (I know is kind of early, but I don’t care I LOVE IT!)


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