I can’t study anymore!!

Go ahead, scream it out loud!! If you are enough of studying, if you already lost 12 years of your life and were ready to lose another 3 or 5 (like me), but realise you got it all wrong, just STOP! My life right now is going exactly the opposite for that reason I am telling you to quit. It’s not embarrassing or choosing the easy path or being a looser. You simply just had enough, you actually are being really brave and courageous to stop. Most of the people won’t change because they are too afraid or won’t want to leave their comfort zone, so they stick with some crap job and be unhappy for the rest of their lifes.

My mother always told me this life is a journey and we have to make the most of it. so it’s kind of pointless spending that precious time doing something you know is torture for you. One of the reasons we continue study is because everybody say “you need a degree to be someone, to have a great job” screw that if you still unhappy!! At this moment I am studying Architecture is my thrid year – my first in a new university, because I was unhappy – although I know since my second year the problem isn’t the university is the subject, what I am studying.

When I was in twelfth grade I wasn’t sure about what to choose, but the society doesn’t care about it nether my parents. So I made my “life decision”, what I was supposed to do for the rest of my life. Turns out is not and a lot of jobs you won’t find them taking a degree, but working hard, loving it and find a way to make it happen.

If you feel lost, unhappy, sick of your life just change it is not that hard. most of the people are going to ask what you are going to do just say what you want or if it applies you don’t know. It’s ok not knowing, if we knew everything about our life, it was not a great one. To enjoy the journey we have to embrace the unknown, the unpredictable and loving it, be surprised and terrified at the same time. Most important is that you need to remember we are talking about your future, what you are going to do must part of your life and what lead you to happiness.

So if you think that is not for you leave it. If you want to stop studying do it. Is definitely going to be a life lesson even if is good or bad is a lesson to teach. Talk to your parents, talk with the one you need, but please talk about it – people should talk more it would solve a lot of problems – try to explain your reasons and show you don’t want it. Try not to be radical, just show your point of view and that it’s easy. The worse it can happen to you won’t get your parents support – which sucks, but you will survive.

I just hope being helpful! Any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment down bellow. 🙂


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