Mashed Sweet Potato with Orange Juice

Hello folks!

Yesterday, my mother cooked roast pork and to had a little twist, she had sweet potatos in the pantry, so she told me “what if I do mashed sweet potato? We never tasted, it’s diferente.”

I started searching if there was a right way to do it, but turn out to be really easy, just do it the same way you do your mashed with normal potatos. Above I’m going to let you know the delicious way my mother does is mashed potatoes (normal way). Here is the link for the original recipe that I found with sweet potatos. I didn’t follow to the letter, instead of orange juice I used lemon juice.

I had never try it, and all I heard was “is sweet” – great help… – the only way of knowing was to taste it. Two words: chestnut and potato. I know is not a great help but is true. Despites the sweetness it still have that earthy flavour from the potato and with the sweet flavour of the chestnut. Is definatly an autumn flavour and an experience to repet.

Mashed Potatos Mummy Recipe:

  • Potatos
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Nutmeg powder
  • Salt and Pepper
Let’s do it!
    1. Boil the potatos in water without salt. One of the coolest thing about making mashed potato is that you can over cook them, actualy it will be easier to mash.
    2. When cooked, turn of the heat and drain the water. Add the butter and a litle bit of milk for the mash be more creamy. Normaly I use anĀ hand-held blender because I don’t have a potato masher. When the mistureĀ become very thick adds milk until obtaining the consistence that you want.
    3. Time to season it: nutmeg is the secret! But attencion don’t use to much or you are going to regret it. Add salt and pepper as your taste. Enjoy!!
For a sweet potato special
    4. In the end add juice and orange zest.

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