Please don’t talk loud!

7:40 AM
Take the train
8:37 AM
Arrive to Coimbra
8:40 AM
Run for your life if want to take this bus or wait 10 minutes!
8:55 AM
Arrive to university
9:00 AM
Class starting

Well this is my schedule for 9 o’clock lessons. Thankfully is just one or twice a week. But I did not start this blog post just to tell you how rush my morning is, instead how I spend my time when I am in a train full of people or a bus (any public place, actually).

This idea started when my father tells me that our mom’s neighbor almost got burgled. Was so strange because the thief knew a lot about her private life. I thought it must be from talking with her friends in the coffe shop or some place else public. It’s only one way to find out: trying it!

The frist time I give it a shot was in a bus from Lisbon to my home town. Surprisingly I learn major information about some people. The god and the unfortunate, the love stories and the cheating husband or boyfriend, the friend who got arrested, the son who was diagnosed with some complicated disease, the fake boobs when groing up. You can learn a lot by just listen what the starngers are talking about with each other.

This is the gold mine for writers or just curious people. Every time I am listening I fell guilty, because I know I am one of thise people, when come with friends, talk about personal life and this could be dangerous,  the same way I listen other people, they can do it as well and learn things they shouldn’t know about.

Basically I just want to leave a recommendation about it. Be careful about what you talk in public places and specially how loud do you do it. If you are a writer or, like me, enjoy writing try to learn about that person and she/he could be your next character. You are going to enjoy it.

Give it a try and tell me about it. Fell free to share similar experience or just live a comment about this subject.  🙂


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